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Julie & Gurneet's Intimate, Indo-Canadian Sikh Wedding at their home in Bangalore

Based in Canada. An intimate home wedding in Bangalore.

Sometimes things don't work they way you plan them.
Julie & Gurneet were all set for a big fat wedding in Bangalore when Julie came down with bad dengue fever and had to be hospitalized at the last moment. There was no other way but to cancel the wedding. Since all guests had already arrived and everything had been arranged, they had a small family get together instead.

A few days later, Julie had recovered a little but was still quite weak. The date of their return journey was nearing and it was clear that they couldn't put her through the stress of a full fledged wedding and party. Also, all their outstation guests had left. So, the decision was taken to have an intimate wedding at Gurneet's sister's home with a small guest list of about 30 people.

Here's the story of how this family pulled off a beautiful and meaningful wedding against all odds and had so much fun along the way!!

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