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Articles by Manas Saran & Neetika Gupta on wedding photography along with some personal stories.

Is this fear influencing your wedding photography decisions?

In my career so far, I’ve spoken to 500+ couples seeking a contemporary wedding photographer and the biggest insecurity I see across the board is FOMO or the Fear Of Missing Out!

Now here’s the good news. Just like most insecurities that people have, this fear is completely unfounded. More on that and specific steps to deal with this fear so you have a stress free photography experience at your wedding in this article.

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3 Things you should start doing right now to book more wedding photography clients

There’s plenty of information on the internet about how to grow your wedding photography business but there’s one general rule that guides over 90% of all sales & marketing advice – understand your clients and their needs!!

Yep, 6 words is all takes but much easier said than done. In this article, I list 3 action steps you can start taking right now book more clients, have a great working relation with them and grow your business.

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A myth called candid wedding photography!

A certain gentleman had some issues with my wedding photography pricing which created this train of thought that I've expressed in this post.

This might help you if you are overwhelmed and confused due to the large number of candid wedding photography options and can't figure out why some of them are way more expensive than the others.

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The "best" candid wedding photographer in your budget

Traditionally wedding photography has only served two purposes - a documentary evidence of the wedding and an attendance register so you know who turned up. The features vs. price mentality serves this mindset.
But if you expect a more personal approach and a story that evokes emotion and makes you relive your big day, then you need to hire an artist.

This article will give you a better perspective on how to find the right photographer and some tips to be able to afford them.

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