Manas & Neetika

We still don't know what brought us together - maybe it was common interests like photography & folk music, or perhaps it was the mutual love for Tiramisu or the ability to have entire conversations in the dialog of "Andaz Apna Apna" - but right from the moment we met, we knew we were super compatible and the journey from being friends to being in a relationship to being married to each other was absolutely seamless.

Our relationship is about companionship, fun, humor, freedom and respect. We were never the starry eyed couple with a Bollywood soundtrack and perhaps that is the reason our pictures have a lot more heart & humor than staged romance.

When not traveling/working, you'll find us mostly at home lazing around, singing, laughing at our own jokes, puns & parodies and occasionally cooking/baking something delicious (yes, we love our food!).

Based On A True Story

Based On A True Story is our not-so-humble attempt at putting "candid" back in candid wedding photography!

Back in 2012, when we started shooting weddings full-time, "candid wedding photography" was the latest rage and the internet was getting flooded with perfectly lit portraits of pretty brides, mushy couple shoots at exotic locations, jaw dropping pictures of rings, lehengas and all the glitz. Every wedding looked like a perfect love story (read boring!) and we were wondering, "Is this how the wedding truly was? ...or is this what the photographer wanted it to be?"

With a flair for documentary photography and classic photojournalism, this is where we stepped in!!

We embraced the chaos, accepted the absurd, appreciated the quirks and focused on real, unstaged moments which, even if not pretty at times, were always beautiful.
We never got any business from starry eyed couples but over the years, we did build a niche audience of matured, sophisticated & well-traveled couples who found great value in pictures that were honest, meaningful, quirky, humorous, non-filmy & non-cheesy; Pictures that fearlessly told the "true story" of their wedding.

Forward to 2017 - Working independently as "Manas Saran Photography" and "Neetika Photography" respectively, we had already shot over 150 weddings between us. Over these 5 years we collaborated on a few assignments, lost some to each other and finally decided to officially merge our respective photography businesses into this collective we call "Based On A True Story"

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