Wedding Photography by Manas & Neetika



Manas & Neetika - Our Story

We still don't know what brought us together - maybe it was common interests like photography & folk music, or perhaps it was the mutual love for Tiramisu or the ability to have entire conversations in the dialog of "Andaz Apna Apna" - but right from the moment we met, we knew we were super compatible.

We were never the starry eyed couple with a Bollywood soundtrack. Our relationship has always been about companionship, fun and respect. Perhaps that is the reason our pictures have a lot more heart & humor than staged romance.

Over the last 7 years & 250+ weddings, we've built a niche audience of like-minded couples who find great value in pictures that are honest, meaningful, quirky, humorous, non-filmy & non-cheesy; Pictures that fearlessly tell the "true story" of their wedding.

When not traveling/working, you'll find us mostly at home lazing around, singing, laughing at our own jokes, puns & parodies and occasionally cooking/baking something delicious (yes, we love our food!).

A Peek Into Our Lives