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[Video] How to find the best candid wedding photographer quick and easy?

The "30 Second Style Check" Technique

Look through more wedding photographer options in the limited time you have and find the right photographer quick & easy!!

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Video Transcript

Hey there, this is Neetika for Based On A True Story.

so how’s the hunt for your wedding photographer going on?

You must have asked friends for referrals or searched on the internet and you’re probably a bit overwhelmed by the sheer choice. It’s just crazy ...hundreds of wedding photography websites ...loads of those top-10, top-20 photographer lists.

Visiting site after site, going through thousands of pictures everyday. Isn’t it stressful?

I’m here to show you an easier way. A way to look at more options in the limited time you have and narrow down on the right photographer without losing your mind.

The key mistake most of us make is that we hop from one website to the other not knowing what we’re actually looking for… and that’s totally okay!!!
Once you’ve done that, spend 5 minutes away from your screen… think and introspect as to what you really want.

What is your top priority? Is it a stylized couple shoot? Fashion magazine like bridal portraits? Little details like decor and jewelry? Or is it real, candid moments from your big day?

While most wedding photographers do a decent job in all these departments, top photographers will always have a USP - that one thing they do better than everyone else which justifies the premium they charge.

So, how do you get to know a photographer’s USP? It’s simple.. they always lead with it. The first few pictures on their website will tell you exactly what they are good at. You just need to make sure their USP matches with your primary requirement.

So here are the steps -

  1. Open a photographer’s website

  2. Spend just 30 seconds to go through the first few images.

  3. Now if this matches your top priority, shortlist this photographer. If it doesn’t, then move on to the next.

For e.g., if you are primarily looking for real, candid moments and the first 5-10 pictures on a website are exactly that then shortlist them, else move on!

Using this ‘30 sec style check’ technique you will easily be able to shortlist 5-7 good photographers. Now spend some time on just those 5-7 websites and get in touch with them.

Did this video help you? Let us know in the comment below. Infact, go ahead and try this technique on our website. Find the link below.

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